“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.”  Neil Gaiman

books1  My recent trip to Bookmans wasn’t successful that I could not locate any books to buy. My mind which is often full up with titles I want to read decided to crash as I entered the store so I couldn’t remember one I hoped to someday find. Perhaps it is a mercy for I have plenty of unread books already; I don’t need more.

I just finished a book on the science and physics of Star Wars. It turns out most of SW is not theoretically possible, which is what I thought would be the case. I gave up on Game of Thrones as between chapters I wasn’t retaining who was killing whom and who was what. I longer have time to read books that don’t entertain.

Pepys diary has been sitting on the shelf for over a year, daring me to start. I could read day at a time but if I do the math I may die before it ends, so that’s not good. Summer is for ‘light reading’ anyway. There are a several less ponderous tomes to tackle right now than Mr. Pepys diary.

I like non-fiction about a foodstuff that ‘changed the world’ or so says the author. I am reading one on salt. Apparently it was as fussed over as mineral rights are today. I am curious to see how it went from a precious commodity worth fighting for to something we have too much of and please cut down it for pete’s sake.

I think I will lay off the Kindle for awhile and read some of the ‘real books’. I still like sticking my nose into an old book and inhaling the redolence of old ink and paper. I recall purchasing something by Paul Bowles; perhaps that should be tackled next.

Lovely books. You never know where they may take you or if you are opening something marvelous.