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The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections once sent me a list of no-no times to write an entry. They strongly advised I don’t ever write under any of the following conditions:

Sunday evenings.

The eve of going back to work after a holiday.

Temperatures over 40 C

Having ate too much / feeling crapulous. 

The Norns are visiting and giving me ‘inspiration’. 

Alas, all five provisos have come together this evening like an evil conjunction of planets; I am down in the dumps and disconsolate.

This last weekend for my birthday I had a nice time in Flagstaff, where it was cool and rainy.  There were sounds of passing trains and nearby ravens in the pines. It was lovely seeing Brother #2 and family. Tomorrow I return to the banality of work and hot days etc.

I don’t dislike my work but lately I feel it a drag. I do the same thing really, day in and day out. I see new patients; I see returns. I handle crisis and phone calls; I write prescription refills. At 5PM work will end and I will go to the gym and for forty minutes on the elliptical machine – which is what happens every Monday. Driving home I will listen to lectures and podcasts. After supper I will do my homework and read something and then go to bed.

Life feels an adventureless tale.

It would help me having something to look forward. I need to check for certainty but I believe my annual trek to Santa Fe is at the end of the month. Knowing this will give me a small smile of anticipation.  But I think Life needs more than some pleasant trips.  I feel I need a shakeup of some sorts. A major one.

Most likely things won’t be so dismal after a good night’s sleep back in my bed and my altitude headache/fatigue dissipate.

The Child complex wants Mother to call and tell me everything is going to be all right.

I want a flesh and blood friend with whom to have a pot of tea.

Writing this was helpful. I may not print it, if only to appease The Board from going into hysterics.



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