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dentist-showing-tooth-doctor-medical-character-concept_Myf9MJdu_MTomorrow morning I meet my new dentist. I am not looking forward to this. For the longest time my gnashers on the upper left have been troublesome. It is difficult to chew on that side of the mouth as it is sensitiv. There is a gap guaranteed to get food stuck up with every bite. Oh the pain. I fear my teeth need a lot of work. It’s my own fault; i’ve put it off. It is difficult to arrange time off from to go see the dentist and frankly I don’t like to go.

My last dentist was always pressing me to buy expensive work I didn’t feel I needed. It was sort like that scene in “Young Frankenstein” where the doctor offers to fix Igor’s hump and Igor replies what hump.  I’ve used the excuse of having new insurance to dismiss him.

This is a good a time to admit I don’t like dental hygienists who are chatty. The last one  wanted to act like she was my personal trainer. She was a bit dismayed I was more interested in scheduling appointments by convenience of time and not about matching up times always with her. Not only did she want me to confide and talk she reciprocated with her own updates. I was always too embarrassed to admit I couldn’t never remember her name let alone her personal matters. As she cleaned and chatted I would withdraw into the inner compartment of my mind and try to shut her out. I hope her ilk isn’t around tomorrow.

Unlike the last dentist who was a swanky posh Scottsdale type, tomorrow’s DDS is in a teaching institution. Someone goes there and he has had good experience – and the price is a fraction of the last dentist.  I suppose this being a teaching institution I am certain to encounter students, some won’t be very certain or tactful. I don’t mind; once upon a time I was a medical student rather frightened of meeting patients.  I will try to be a patient patient.

I plan on showing up in dress shirt and slacks with a proper bow tie for I want to make a good first impression and be treated properly.  Someone tells me the first appointment is mostly fact gathering and lots of inspections and x-rays; I am not likely to get a cleaning job. This is too bad, for I was hoping to get it all done in one swoop.

I hope to get in/out quickly and without a horrible prognosis.  If the dental school is a bust, I have a backup plan to see a dentist recommended by one of my patients.


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