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This was written while whizzing down the highway coming home from a weekend in Santa Fe. The drive is six – or seven hours long; it’s a bit confusing given the time zone change between states. Either way it gives me plenty of time to think and write. Although Someone sits next to me in the driver’s seat, he is miles away into his Broadway tunes.

As we slowly descend from the heights of New Mexico back into the oven known as The Valley of the Sun I get to think or perhaps just sit and stare out the window and go into a dwam.

It was a predictable pleasant time in New Mexico. I saw two operas and I had a couple of good lunches. My wallet may be empty but my ghost-bag are full of souvenirs.* Nothing more need said.  I tried to avoid the laptop and cellphone and read a book rather.**

I’ve  just finished going through old GOURMET magazines, which were mostly from October through December, so they got me thinking of the holidays. I realized this year I will probably be ‘home alone’ for the first time at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But wait! August lies ahead. Time to squeeze a bit more out of summer before it’s time to take out the autumn trimmings.

Tonight I have to do my charts I put off to have a weekend holiday. I want to catch up on my blog reads. I may pay a visit to The Lovely Neighbor, whose days are numbered – maybe a week left or less.
Spo-fans should stay tuned for it’s in the dog-days of summer are when the entries get more erudite and entertaining – or so I hope. One never knows what’s around the corner. It’s just when you get complacent the gods upset your applecart.  I will let you know if there is anything interesting.


*For interested Spo-fans: a Santa Fe Opera tea mug; another glass chile pepper christmas ornament; a print of shamans for the Mesa office.

**The Spider’s House by Paul Bowles.


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