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My favorite psychiatry professors once said it doesn’t take a deep scratch to find the archaic. What he meant by this is despite 20th reasoning and logic underneath are the primitive emotions and belief systems that quickly come up and out in times of stress. *

I recently stumbled across a ‘new’ podcast named “Hello from the Magic Tavern”. The gimmick : a man from Chicago is trapped in a magical land called Foon, where he broadcasts with his co-hosts who are a wizard and a talking badger. The podcast reminds me of The Firesign Theatre. Think  “Nick Danger” plays Dungeons & Dragons.


As they say in the Mickey D ads: I’m loving it. I am a bit surprised how quickly my 55yo analytically trained mind regressed to its 15 year old nerdy ways, lured by wizards, dwarves, and magical realms. In my youth I was obsessed with the genera; I could not get enough magical tales and faraway lands.

It feels a bit silly to be dazzled again by fantasy worlds and such. I am too old perhaps to be rolling hit dice and such. However a little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men. Afterall, I am a Jungian – getting in touch with the Archetypes is salubrious for mental well-being.

I think this Halloween I will dress as one of my adolenscet D&D characters. My favorite was “Trollbreath” although I think he was eaten by a white dragon or one of that crowd.  “Plateospam” was my thief – or a hobbit – or both – I don’t quite remember. I do recall he came to an ignominious end tripping over his halberd.  J’Swaggert was the evil cleric – sucked dry by Stirges if memory serves me.  Oh well.  They can be resurrected if I can come up with enough gold pieces.  In Loon they do not take AMEX or VISA.



*This is rather Freudian. In his theories the civilized parts of the brain are in constant diligence to keep down the monsters of the Id from breaking forth. In contrast the Jungian approach to psychology is to marry the civilized Ego with the archaic Archetype to have both active, in a sort of if you can’t beat’em join’em approach.  This is more sensible and of course jolly good fun!


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