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The day I knew would arrive has come and gone: yesterday the movers arrived and packed up The Lovely Neighbor and that was that. She left for a new life in Virginia to be near her children and grandchildren, preferring family to fabulous us. Our relationship with The Lovely Neighbor supports the axiom what makes a good neighborhood a is the network therein. I pity thems who live without notion who their neighbors are.  She was a dear; I will miss her so.

I came home last night to find the living room piled with several of The Lovely Neighbor’s items. Someone explained during the move (for he was there to assist with the boxes) she freaked out about having too many possessions and started to move them not into the pods but onto Someone. He tactfully said yes to such offered items on the grounds it would help alleviate her anxiety.

Thanks to her charity/anxiety we are now the proud owners of a king-size-titanic-unsinkable-Molly-Brown computer screen. I don’t recall its dimensions but it feels like something out of an IMAX theatre.  I am currently testing it out for fit. I am near-sighted; when I am dictating charts I tend to move the monitor almost to my nose in order to see clearly what I am typing.  This has become totally unnecessary and besides the The Lovely Neighbor Memorial Screen doesn’t move out from the nook in which it resides.  It’s too huge to move.

Bets are good Someone isn’t going to like gazing at this ersatz drive-in movie screen so it will probably go into the ghost-bag for charity.  I could take it to work;  I would like a large screen for the reason mentioned. Alas, I fear it would take up the whole desk and obstruct my view of patients. Computers get in the way of doctor-patient relationship enough already without the screen forming a wall as in the confessional box at St. Peter’s.

If the monitor screen is too bulky for home and too unseemly for work I could give it to The Wonder Receptionist. When I walk in on her she discretely implodes the movie she was watching on her little screen.  I think a large one would be handy for her that way.



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