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broke-piggy-bank-640x427This week had a curious conjunction of two financial fellows: the retirement agent from John Hancock and my mutual funds nab from Merrill Lynch. These wandering stars came together to make me meditate on my retirement. Urs Truly doesn’t like to meditate his retirement, but I am bracing myself to call them back for appointments.

I am not good at keeping track of my investments. There is the element of economic ignorance combined with ‘that’s their job’ to mind my money. The real reason of my indifference is the negative assumption retirement is not going to happen; all the money I am squirreling away is futile.  Let me count the ways.

I have too many medical problems. While The Good Doctor assures me they are all in check my statistics do not predict a long life. Even if I should live to sixty-five the cost of my medicines and such will be so great as to require me working for benefits.  We bought our house at the crest of the housing boom; it is now worth a fraction of its purchase.  Someone abhors selling it at a loss so I don’t imagine moving to North Dakota for economics sake.

The jeremiad continues with world instability and political shenanigans that will jeopardize my money. I’m one of those gloomy ones who think global warming and Trump machinations are going to lead to economic collapse and a wipe out of Wall St along with my savings.

So what’s the point in saving?

Despite my morbid pessimism I continue to put away with my 401K. My man at ML assures me my funds are OK. After Someone and I married we combined our monies and the amount made our eyebrows rise a little.  If one of us should drop dead in our 60s (possible, and with the politics as it is perhaps preferable) the widower could probably retire until whatever Ragnorak hits first.

Maybe ML, JH, and I will all survive ill health, North Korea, Hair Furor, and global upheaval long enough to retire and start on all those recipes I’ve been saving up for such.


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