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Travel Penguin (the dear!) often posts entries asking for a reply which I don’t do in a comment but as an entry here at Spo-Reflections.  Last week he wrote about things he doesn’t ‘get” viz. bewildering human behavior that make his eyes cross in incomprehension. I am not bewildered often thanks to training in psychology; I can usually figure things out why people do what the do.  When in doubt, people behave without thinking, or to avoid perceived pain/danger, or because of their mother. * Nevertheless despite my best efforts some things remain unexplainable. Here’s ten of them for your amusement.

Straw man mentality  –  Perhaps due to my dabbling in science and rhetoric whenever I hear a made statement with a proposed conclusion my first impulse is to question the causality, and not except it as true.  Apparently few think this way, at least in this country.

Drinking hot beverages to cool down –  madness! I suppose this is an example of having no choice in a matter so pretending the outcome is what you wanted is a delusional comfort.

Violence as entertainment – I know the biological and psychological theories why we are attracted to fights and brutality but it don’t do no good. Gladiator fights or shoot-em-up movies – they are all the same to me.

Justin Bieber – self explanatory.

Someone’s mania for rubber ducks – Dr. Fisher, psychoanalyst, said it best: there is no accounting for taste.

What we will or will not buy – people take great umbrage if the price of gas or bananas go a certain way but then think nothing of buying overpriced bottles of water.

Patient preferences – I often hear from patients they are skeptical to take evil pharmaceuticals but think nothing of buying crap off the sleep laced with god-only knows what or they buy non regulated supplements of which they don’t know the ingredients.  Patients are awfully picky what they will put in their bodies – and it still bewilders me the logic -or lack thereof.

Eating raw fish – I’ve studied parasites; I know what happens.

JWs (Jehovah Witnesses) – I may be wrong on this (and I hope I am) but don’t the JWs believe only a finite number of people go to heaven? I would think by now that’s been met. So why bother?  I would soon change religion to one that had more hope to it. And they don’t do no holidays.

Modern art – yes I’m one of those types who walks through the art museum into the galleries with the helicopter crashes, the blood-heads, and the canvases with one paint stroke on them and wonder what on earth is going on here.

Well that’s my ten.

Here is the thing I find the most bewildering; it is the thing I most don’t get –

Wasting life – I loved to learn and grow at an early age. I see all of life as a growing experience.  Apparently not many agree.  They go through the motions of mundane living, content to watch TV and play video games. Forty years later, in retirement, they are still watching TV until they die.

They don’t seem unhappy – nay, they look content.

A life without meaning or Journey is perhaps the thing I don’t get most.


*Freudian reference which turns out not usually true. A better explanation is our desire for attention.


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