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Someone is bicycling.* He does this in the early morning hours before it gets too hot. Last weekend I joined him; it was the first time I’ve been on a bicycle in maybe ten years.

The expression ‘It’s like riding a bicycle’ is not valid – at least not for Urs Truly. Since the last time I surmounted my bicycle it has developed more gears than I recall it having. I needed instruction how to use the brakes and gears; I was told not to change gears when not peddling – or is it the other way around?

Bicycle rides in my childhood were pleasant leisurely endeavors consisting of frequent stops to chat with the neighbors who happened to be outside.  No one wore helmets. We fell at times but no one was terribly injured. I remember Brother #3 being in a add-on seat the type nobody would approve or use these days. But we survived and we had fun. Bicycle rides nowadays seem to be all about going as fast as possible to get to some undisclosed place, more’s the pity.  I rather like the notion of a slow sightseeing cycle-tour but I fear these went out with banana seats.

I slowed Someone down as I wasn’t used to things. We live in an area with some slopes. He constantly called out to change gears or keep pedaling and don’t pump the brakes too much. The latter I was doing often.

Alas there wasn’t much to see. Even at 8AM in the morning it is quite hot and there is no one outdoors in their yards to stop and chat with. There was not much to see.  Our sub-division consists of monotonous brown-painted homes. Even if there were sights to see or neighbors to meet I was too busy trying not to fall over.

The first time is the worst they say. I am certain I will do better and become at ease with experience. In time I will no doubt figure out the gears and perhaps even get the helmet to stay on proper.  If bicycling becomes a regular past time I may invest in some accessories such as a tin bell and streamers for the handles.



*I avoid the word ‘cycling’ as it conjures up rapid bipolar mood swings. I have enough of that sort in my life already.



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