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I am signed up to attend two conferences: I go to New Orleans in September and in December I go to Lost Vegas.  Normally I attend medical conferences on my own but this time Someone will go with me to both . I am pleased as punch that he will do so.  Some people like traveling alone but I do not. I prefer the company of others.

Medical conferences can be lonely trips. After the afternoon lectures adjourn there is nothing much more to do. Left to myself I end up staying in the hotel rather than poking about the town. I eat better with a travel companion. I eat out of a fast food places rather than pay to sit down alone in a restaurant.  Imagine going to New Orleans and eating chain-food fodder!  With Someone at my side I can plan on a few proper dinners – and they are tax deductible!

Medical conferences usually happen in swanky cities and resorts as the doctors usually travel with their spouses. A bedazzling city gives these intrepid mates things to do and see while their doc-mates pow-wow with their fellow wizards learning the latest.  Someone jokes as a doctor’s wife his job is to sit poolside wearing expensive jewelry. Most of the time he gets a bored waiting for my seminars to end, so he often doesn’t want to go on these shing-dings. I daresay he prefers staying home in the peace and quiet of my absence.

Another perk of my Sancho Panza escorting me to the psych-congress is libations. When I travel alone I find it creepy to go to a bar to sit and read a book and drink alone.  He’s also more clever than I at arranging the rental car or shuttle and getting luggage there and back again without mishap.

There are some disadvantages to traveling with ones mate. I will be trapped in a hotel room with the TV; at home I can go into the other room.  Someone likes evening entertainments such as Lost Vegas shows when I often feel too tired to go out. After all it is a school night for me.

Alone in a hotel room, a stranger in a strange land in a resort city my mind is a recipe to stray towards wickedness. Having Someone at my side keeps me virtuous.  I won’t go out at night an prowl and bring back to my hotel room any nasty chips.



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