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The Board of Directors sent a terse text telling me not to write any more entries about dead animals, fancy words, or ‘work’. This doesn’t leave me much to write about. I am in a xeriscape – oops! – better write I am in dry period.  Sometimes is it best just to stare at the blank Mac “Pages” on your laptop and hope something happens.

A Spo-fan asked recently how goes the great recipe collection project. There seems to be no end in sight. Every time I think Part I is complete* I discover more magazines waiting to be structinized. I grab a few each time there is a car trip. It’s still too hot to cook much, but I am looking forward to cooler days when I can make some autumn soups and stews. Apples are good this time of year, as are the grapes. I would cook some squash but there is only the two of us. Last time I made squash I had enough left over to feed the neighborhood. Neither one of us enjoy leftover squash and I feel great compunction to put it all down the swanny so perhaps not.

I’m purposely going through the October and November issues hoping to find some interesting recipes for the pending holidays. They are easy to spot for every one of them has a turkey on its cover; everyone has imperial varieties on how to do Thanksgiving with panache. It is “Thanksgiving in Santa Fe” in Bon Appetit while Gourmet does “Thanksgiving in Virginia”. Mostly this means altering the stuffing ingredients and the basting herbs, and you put chiles or greens in the side dishes (respectively).  I grew up in the Midwest; our Thanksgivings were noteworthy for no variation and no flavor. Our fine herbs and spices consisted of salt and pepper – and enough squash to feed a the neighborhood.

All this recipe research is probably for naught as Someone is going to work Thanksgiving day leaving me home alone. Preparing a gourmet dinner for just two people is hard work and we will probably still be dieting anyway. I may merely open a tin of soup and call it supper.

So why on earth am I accumulating all these fabulous sybarite recipes if I ain’t gonna make any of them? A fair question. There is an element of hope someday I may have time/energy, enough for a dinner party, and a waistline small enough to make some. If so, I want the “Thanksgiving in New England” which seems to have oysters and lobster in it. This beats The Midwest menu by a country mile.


“Thanksgiving with The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections.” 


Part I :  Take all the magazines and rip out the recipes that give an initial impression of sounding good to try.

Part II : Go through them to eliminate the redundant ones and the ones not looking as good as first thought.

Part III: Start making them, one a time, say 1-2/week.

Part IV : Keep the ones worth repeating. Discard the ones that were page 71.

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