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I am bereft of anything worthwhile on which to compose, so here are three random thoughts. I hope they amuse you. I look forward to something more substantial showing up soon. 


insanity My parents soon celebrate their 57th wedding anniversary. It amazes me how can two people stay together for any length of time let alone sixty years. I’m supposed to be an expert in relationship dynamics (having gone to shrink school) but it still bewilders me how on earth anyone pulls it off. Perhaps by mostly staying out of each other’s way.  On the other hand Someone hasn’t booted me out after twenty years so there it is. I must be doing something right.


insanity I came to work today to discover my once capacious office now has a dry wall cutting the room down to 2/3 its original size. The original wall hasn’t been demolished so the 1/3 remains open. The bosses hired a nurse practioner who starts next week; they are turning my office and its neighbor into three offices so she has some space of her own. I dislike her already. I shouldn’t be too shocked or surprised about my incredible shrinking office. I was told on Day #1 this was the plan, but after two years it sort of slipped my mind.  A few bold patients asked me what is going to happen to the long narrow third part of my office . I told it is being transformed into an oubliette for difficult patients who don’t take the medicines properly or pay their bills.

insanity Spo-fans know Urs Truly has a long time fascination for storms especially hurricanes. I know Hurricane Irma is no good, but my inner 6 year old is squealing with anticipation of where she may land and the destruction it will bring.  When were were  growing up all my brothers took delight in making cities out of LEGO or building blocks only to release the giant mutant gerbils onto the suspecting Fisher-Price people population or bomb them to smithereens with airplanes filled with Lincoln logs. All little boys seem keen on death and destruction. I don’t know if little girls feel similar about blowing things up. Meanwhile I hear all of Florida is trying to move north into Georgia, poor souls.  I read Mr. Limbaugh feels Irma is just a ‘liberal hoax’. I hope she plows smack-dap into his house and takes away his roof. This is not nice of me to imagine I know but there it is.

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