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It is Sunday evening and I am staring at the bright white screen that is Mac Pages and nothing is forthcoming. I feel like I’ve not had anything worthwhile to write for a week. There is nothing erudite or witty upon which to compose. My mind’s a blank. I feel I should just go to bed.

This worries me viz. running out of ideas upon which to blog. Perhaps it portends Spo-Reflections is coming to its close. I find I am writing more out of obligation than passion to do so. Maybe I just need a hiatus. Even writers need their rest now and then, don’t they?

Rather than going into lamentations and hysterics perhaps I should just sit back and wait. I am hoping my public announcement of a possible closure is enough for The Muses, The Graces, The Fates (or any group of goddesses) to overhear this jeremiad and send me something right away.

Perhaps I am merely impatient. This Thursday I fly to New Orleans for a medical conference. I am certain to learn some interesting tidbits to turn into entries. The city alone should have something for an entry.

Being tired doesn’t help. Work demands coupled with all I try to do makes for long days and not enough sleep. Neither state of being makes for quiet times for inspiration.

So with that saidI will retire early. I will turn off the The Great Courses and all the podcasts and go read a book. After all, reading often inspires writing. Perhaps Spo-fans could leave me some suggestions upon which I may expand.  Any tidbits are appreciated.

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