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Practical Parsimony (the dear!) suggested I expand on my 37 1/2 thing about myself list which is a truly most excellent idea. One of 37.5 is my parents have been married for 50 years but they just celebrated year #57, so the list is 7 years old.  It could you a face lift and tuck.  I plan to add to the original list new imperial tidbits but first here’s some updates on things you are dying to know.


So far as I can tell I am still descended from English/German/Dutch and Canadian stock and both family lines have been in North America for over 12 generations. Recent genealogy has dug up no skeletons to say otherwise.

I remain the oldest of four brothers but I now have six niblings. Six seems enough and quite the family to provide for at christmas time.

As for health: Alas, I am still trying to flatten my stomach. My  blood pressure and cholesterol are in check but the ADHD isn’t and that seems to be worsening with each year. Someone, driven to distraction, will likely divorce me over it and get a new spouse one who listens and sits still.

Tea and whisky remain at the top of the list of Urs Truly’s favorite libations, although coffee quickly climbed into the top ten and seems to be staying there.

I haven’t collected any recent artwork; my nickels go to house repairs. Oh the pain.

I was shocked to discover my soulmate Liebchen Gustav Mahler and I are not 100 years apart. This is so disappointing I think I will continue to say it is one hundred as no one will stop to do the math to question it.

I still haven’t smoked anything or hit anyone but I know of several heads I would like to knock together.

Thunderstorms, a good back scratch, hot water, and noodles remain some of life’s greatest pleasures, as is rolling down grass hills. Alas, none of them are much around anymore in my life more’s the pity except the hot water, which remains lovely for tea and such.

I remain well over four feet but not as tall as I used to be. My tessitura has gone from husky to hoarse and there is hair growing out of my ears. Oh the embarrassment.

Blogger buddies remain the best thing about blogging.

I still can’t operate the home entertainment system nor do I want to

I still stammer and stutter and I can do this in German as well. I am learning Spanish which really brings out the stammer.

I’ve seen a tea plantation but not Ireland or the northern lights.

And I can’t spell calendar.

Finally – the picture that surmounts this entry was taken over seven years ago and I haven’t changed a bit.

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