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David (the dear!) suggested I answer a few questions he thought would promote writing and be entertaining. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections unanimously voted this as a splendid idea. That’s quite a compliment to David for they seldom agree on anything, usually resorting to fisticuffs and swordplay to clear things up.  They proposed I tackle the questions in a series of entries, so here is the first batch. Unfortunately these ancient and austere Norsepersons wanted to add a few questions of their own. I’ve interspersed them with David’s.

Spo-fans are encouraged to answer the questions themselves in the comment section.

What was the most brilliant idea you had last week.  I realized if I save signing off on sent prescriptions to the end of the day I can do that in one step, rather than a series of piecemeal sign-offs.

Who did you fight last and what damage did you do them.   I had a FB row with a cousin about Hurricane Harvey and whether or not this is G-d’s wrath.  No one was physically harmed in the battle.

Who was the kindest person.  Domani Dave, who sent me a book.  I was quite touched.

What made you laugh.  My new favorite podcast “The Magic Tavern” . For thems who don’t know this marvelous podcast, it is a cross between Firesign Theatre and Dungeons and Dragons.

In the past week which public building have you torched.   The Supreme Court in Washington D.C. but it was only virtually damaged.

What made you angry.  Hair Furor and his constant shenanigans and outrages.

What inn did you last pillage.  None, but this weekend I am staying at the Marriott in New Orleans, so I may be able to kill two birds with one stone but pillaging and torching it afterwards.

What made you want to cry.  Human ignorance, hate, and folly.

Where did you see attend the last blood eagle.  Does hearing about one listening to The Great Courses count?

Where are you/where do you want to be.  I am at work, goofing off during a ‘no-show”.  Where would I want to be? : under Jake Gyllenhaal.

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