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Last week while doing an intake evaluation I had a sudden anagnorisis and for a second I had total clarity about life, the universe, and everything only to lose it when the patient across from me asked a question causing me to focus again and the theophany disappeared and now I can’t recall what it was. Just hate when that happens. The gods give you grace and when you weren’t paying attention long enough to scribble it down on a post-it it’s gone. I suppose the gods or angels or Board Members frequently come a-calling at my cranium but I don’t seem to hear the doorbell much. Tidbits from heaven are more readily noticed when one is quiet and sitting still and not listening to Youtube or podcasts.

For some time I’ve been meaning to take ten minutes from my evening activities to sit still/do nothing and see what comes to me. I am a democratic drawbridge that goes down for anyone but there doesn’t seem to be any traffic.

Asking heaven for insights and clarity isn’t as jolly as it sounds. Anyone who has read the prophets and saints knows they seldom receive anything they really want. Rather you are told to drop everything and do things you are not  all comfortable to do. Consulting the oracle is quite unsettling.

I remember from the Old Testament some one (Amos?) who was quite content with his mundane life when The Lord decided to com a-calling.  When he realized what he what he was being told to do he tried to hide out in a barrel or something, hoping it would all blow over. Nowadays theophanies are more subtle and more readily drowned out by the Kingdom of Noise what happens in our heads and in our headphones.

All the same, I would be curious to rehear what The Answer was. I suppose I could call the patient back in. I won’t worry about it; my experience with Truth is if you missed it or ran away it tends to come back until you ‘get it’. Perhaps it is on Youtube or in my podcasts, which would be ironic if not convenient.  I will keep you posted for any revelations.

Urs Truly is in New Orleans at a medical conference, pow-wowing with his fellow wizards learning new things to become the best shrink possible.  Sitting still and listening to lectures x 3 days is not an easy task. Alas the pharmaceutical booths are not giving out free samples of Ritalin, more’s the pity.  It also doesn’t help The Muses or The Graces or some of that crowd is flooding me with inspiration. Bitches have bad timing and/or a wry sense of humor. I should be focused but my brain is bouncing about blog bits.   When the conference is concluded I may write a bullet-point highlight for Spo-fans of mental health tips.

The first conference is about opiate and canniboid receptors in our brains and why is it we like to take drugs rather than eat broccoli.  Apparently our monkey brains have certain buttons that light up like a christmas tree when pushed with smokes, gin, doughnuts, or that pick up from Scruff.  Our hard-wiring responds to greasy goods and intoxicants.  The “Just say no” approach hasn’t a chance against millennia of evolution. Oh the pain.  Happily, wiring is not destiny; we can do something about it rather than always pulling through the Dunkin Doughnuts or Beer Stop on the ‘what the hell” approach.  I should know more by lecture’s end.

Updates! Bottom line headlines! 

It turns out there are some actual uses of marijuana as treatment in Medicine, but it is not what everyone thinks or wants, but there is something not nothing (as I was trained). 

Inflammation plays a major role in mental illness. Inflammation is probably the key factor in treating depression/anxiety etc. 

Mindful meditation can increase endogenous pain relief so well if you give a opiate-blocker to someone trained in such their pain will return.

Sugar looks to be the worst evil for our well-being. Avoid it at all costs

Opiates can actually cause pain; opiate-based medication can worsen chronic pain especially in fibromyalgia, arthritis, and lower back pain. 

Taking care of you microbiota (the wee-beasties in your bowels) may be the most important ‘job’ you have to manage physical and mental well being. 

There are 5 simple things you can do to make your health so much better – they are easy to do, measurable and have science to support them all.

More anon. 

Never trust trust.

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