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I am grateful for my scientific training and mentality for they help cut through the humbug and dazzle that are presentations provided by pharmaceutical programs.  Urs Truly is only partially listening to a pharmaceutical sponsored breakfast in which a product is being flogged. As is the wont, the data/graphs are are jolly and they seem to imply the medicine is safe, clean, efficacious, and preferable to what’s already on the market.  What isn’t being addressed is the Rx is:

This is a repackaged medication of something already on the market in generic form.

The drug is not superior to anything already on the market.

It costs ~ 2,000$ a month to take.

It will be a bitch to get it approved for all these reasons.

Pharm reps are often not allowed to answer what I really want to know.  They are not a good source for knowledge. I’ve learned to hold my tongue asking intelligent questions which poke holes in the data, and my bear-baiting makes them uncomfortable. Rather, I nod and be polite and try not be a jerk about it all.  Still, it makes my eyes cross to see spectacles.

Mind! If you ask any doctor if they are swayed by the razzle-dazzle of pharm-rep symposiums they will say no way.  In my head I hear the host of one of my favorite podcasts “You are not so smart” telling me I am probably led by the nose more than I realize.  One must be always on guard for such.

It’s good to ask questions and be skeptical and take everything with a grain of salt, whether it is a pharm-rep pushing pills or a politician trying to convince you of the need for building a wall and Mexico will be paying for it. When it comes to Hair Furor and his minions, I believe nothing. Someday he might actually say something true and I am likely to miss it as I am so used to dismissing anything he says as rubbish.

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