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This week I am going to pick a day and turn off my phone and leave it at home. I will without it for 24 hours. 

I sense Spo-fans clutching their pearls, their eyes popping out at the mere notion.  Oh the horror.

I’ve always had the rationale to keep my phone on and near by 24/7 , even at bedside (and in the bed) in case there is a crisis and I am paged by a patient who needs my instant attention to talk him off a ledge before he jumps. In twenty years of carrying a pager or cellphone this has never happened. People determined on killing themselves do not call their doctors. The pager system can always call me at work in the day and at home in the evening. So the ‘worse case scenario’ is covered – and blows away the sham I have to have one on a continuous basis.  I can’t remember when I last received an email or text so urgent it couldn’t wait.

Truth is I spend a lot of ,y time checking and rechecking my phone mostly for frivolous things like Facebook. I really don’t need to continually know if there is a new comment or what was just posted on WordPress or a podcast is sending me a new episode. I don’t ‘need’ a phone.   The world spins quite nicely without me continually checking CNN to ascertain if this is so.

All the same I suspect the no-phone Thursday will be uncomfortable.

I am curious to see if I show signs of withdrawal. Will I constantly looking for the phone not there, and feeling anxious I am missing out. The lack of texts etc. may create a quiet I might find unsettling rather than soothing.

I am curious to see how much time is regained from not continually poking around on the thing.  Will my work day go more smoothly? Will my work out be more streamlined and/or more tedious (imagine I will have to sit and do nothing between reps!)

I remind myself I lived forty years or so without a cellphone. I have a vague warm-fuzzy memory I did quite well without one and life was not boring nor disconnected. Indeed, I remember reading  a lot of books and eating dinner with people who talked and made eye contact. I also recall there was more nocturnal past times too.

This all sounds splendid actually. I may do this on a regular basis. I may not turn the cellphone back on if it goes really well.

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