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I don’t have time today to write a proper entry, so I thought I would share a prayer passed on to me by the late Alice Thomas Ellis, one of my favorite authors. It is a rather lengthy litany but well worth a read. In it, the subject is purging his/herself of the many sins and hurts received from others – and by the looks of it this is about everyone in the neighborhood.

I usually can’t get through it without breaking into giggles. It is nicknamed The Litany of Spite.




Whenever I am unhappy I read it or a part and I invariably cheer up. It never fails to entertain the supper guests.  Everyone has their favorite section but I like the  section on the clergyman. I don’t know the author, but I am guessing it was a bitter pious old church woman or a bitchy queen.  I remember in Sunday school learning The Lord’s Prayer with its simple “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors’.  I thought this a sensible and fair deal but it doesn’t hold for entertainment.

Forgiveness is a tricky and difficult endeavor. One of the first steps is the recognition we don’t really want to forgive; one of the last steps is letting go of negativity.  This clever litany looks good but is neither.

So that’s your entertainment this evening. I hope to have a proper post this weekend.

Meanwhile, I truly forgive my readers, who fail to leave comments, who don’t appreciate my artistry despite all I have to do. For the times they didn’t acknowledge they came by; for the times they didn’t praise me with lavish comments.  And for the times they didn’t share me in their links I forgive them.

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