Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

It’s official: Someone’s coworker made the phone call and our reservation is made. Urs Truly is going to check it off from his bucket list a ride in a hot air balloon.  I am excited and terrified.

Nearly every day at this time of year you can look out on to the desert and see several gaily coloured hot air balloons hovering on the horizon. They seem to be just floating there, serene and spectacular.  The bright bold colours are a marked contrast to the brown earth tones of the desert. I’ve longed to try one. I mentioned this at Someone’s work party. His coworker confessed she had the similar fancy. Now it is down for mid-October and there is no turning back.

I do not do well with heights. There is a part of me absolutely terrified to do this. Emerson says we should always do what we are afraid to do, and this is quite applicable to hot air balloon rides.  I am glad I am going with 5-6 others as I am less likely to cancel or go into hysterics.  Having a snort before departure may be helpful.  I am proud of myself for facing my fears to do this.

I haven’t been told yet what to wear or if we can choose the balloon pattern.  I want a balloon as colorful as one of my shirts.

I will keep Spo-fans posted on the details and the preparations leading up to the event. If anyone has been up in one, I am curious to hear if you liked it. I am grateful for any tips how to do it right without wetting yourself.