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Although the AC remains inoperable the house is not untenable with the drop in temperature. It still gets into the 90s but at night sees almost 60s. I can live with this; this feels almost chilly. The pool suddenly lost its warmth; a quick dip before bedtime feels quite refreshing with downright gelid.

I’ve tidied up the back porch to make it look like something you would want to sit in. I hope for cool night out of doors with a good book and a snort.

I’ve also managed to do all the laundry there is, iron the shirts, walk the dog twice, and attend to paperwork. It was ‘legs day’ at the gym, which made for sore thighs. Oh the pain. But it is a good pain I suppose.

Today was the first day on my new BP Rx. The dentist has the hypothesis my felodipine is causing inflammation of the gums. To test this theory, The Good Doctor sent in to pharmacy some lisinopril, which seems to be quite popular around here. The first dose I think it is causing havoc on my cognition as it feels like I’ve swallowed a box of benadryl.  No signs yet on any changes in my gums or blood pressure.

Brother #3 sent us bros a clip from “Oliver!” the song “Boy for sale”. I take it my 2yo nephew is being a difficult. Brother #2 was willing to exchange said nephew for Juno the wonder dog, but it was no deal.  Brother #2 also threatened to send to me via UPS the higher functioning nephews as they are eating him out of house and home. I am quite willing to accept relations so long as they do windows and they don’t text at the table. Apparently these concepts are utterly alien to Monsters #1 and #2 so they can stay put in MI along with the 2yo.  No word yet on the sale status of Warrior Queen or Princess Goddess.

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