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imagesI recently heard a podcast on the history of crayons, which evoked in me enough nostalgia to fancy purchasing some. I’ve heard tell one just doesn’t just buy a simple box anymore but one has to sort through a myriad of choices. What I want is a proper simple box of 12-24 crayons without too many tints and tones. I figure I can make my own chromatic variations of colour. I’ve consulted two experts on the crayons: Princess Goddess and Warrior Queen. Apparently their boxes contain dozens and dozens of variations.  I might have been speaking Chinese to them when I asked if their boxes have Prussian Blue, which was my favorite.  They had never heard of it. I looked it up: Prussian Blue is a ‘retired colour’. What! I didn’t know Crayola did such as thing! Apparently every time the crayon-barons retire a colour there is howl of sharpened famine that echoes through the Kingdom of Noise down to the very throne of Satan itself by children who write and demand its return.  I can understand retiring ‘flesh” colour, but what was the matter for Prussian Blue? It was stopped as today’s kids don’t know what “Prussian” is. I think this is a matter of education rather than discontinuation.  I will have to search to see if there is a good-enough substitute or even the same tone with a new politically correct name.

Next time I visit the nieces they plan on helping their fuddy-duddy uncle with the proper operation and identification of crayons.  I may buy some ahead of time and practice so I don’t look too stupid. I don’t do coloring books; I prefer white blank canvas or paper, the challenge: to bring out the unconscious. Or I may just draw a pony. I never could get it right.

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