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I apologize to Spo-fans for neglecting the blog but I’ve been up to my oxters in work work work. This week I’ve had no time to do anything much than work and sleep. Even Duolingo is cross with me for breaking my streak of my daily lessons.  I lead a dull life. I hope this weekend to do something else like laundry and blogging.

Here is an imperial tidbit to amuse until I can write something more substantial.

Tonight I am on tenterhooks as tomorrow I go into work to see if my office (the one in Phoenix) got a paint job.  Spo-fans may recall I walked into my capacious office a few weeks ago only to discover the two year old threat of a new wall was realized. All the prints and painting are off the wall leaning up against each other and the furniture is in disarray.  On Wednesday night near closing-time I got an email from The Boss-Man if I would kindly remove all knickknacks and bricolage from the shelves and tables and pile them into the middle of the room the painters can come in Brownie-like Wednesday evening and paint the walls and dry wall. Because I am a trooper etc. I could have the color of my choice but they did have leftover Nattier Blue from painting my office in Mesa and would that suffice?  Works for me. I thought to reply I want “Jungle Red, two coats” or “Prussian Blue” but I held my tongue.

Today I worked in the Mesa office. I texted The Wonder Receptionist if there were signs of fresh paint in the Phoenix office. She texted back the walls were the same burned orange as always. A disappointment.  I texted the Boss-Man to remind him I wasn’t in Phoenix all day and this was a good opportunity to hit the brushes.

Tomorrow morning I see what happened.

Best case scenario: the walls are painted and I can move the objects d’art off my desk to make room for work.

The likely scenario: they didn’t get to it but will do so this weekend. This means I still have to move things around to make space for patient care.

The worst case scenario: the job is half done and drop clothes are everywhere and I have to somehow see patients amidst that mess.

The repeat patients will find the matter amusing but I worry about the new patients, especially thems suffering from OCD. Unless they are of the hoarding type, they will run away shrieking and I will have nasty reviews on Yelp! or Craig’s List or wherever disgruntled patients excrete doctors they find disappointing.

I am looking forward to having a good tidy-up for there is plaster of paris and dry wall dust everywhere. I can draw my initial with my finger on all the surfaces.  I have to be even nicer to Someone than usual for he is truly most excellent at hanging things and I want him to rehang all the diplomas etc.

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