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Last night I dreamt I received a calendar with The Jetsons for the year 2916 or so. It doesn’t take Freud to analyze what that’s about: I’ve been worried about what to do about next year’s calendars.


For decades I’ve used the same two calendars: Inuit and Pacific Northwest art. They are  always purchased in my annual August trips to Stratford, Ontario. I didn’t go in 2016, but 2017 had a reprieve as Brother #2 went and he got one for me as a Christmas prize. The 2017 Inuit version was subtly substituted with a calendar from my 2016 visit to PEI. Yanks tend to lump everything Canadian into one category so no one noticed the nuance.

Alas, alas, I don’t got no calendars for 2018.  Oh the embarrassment.

Rationalists among the Spo-fans will comment I could contact the store from which I purchase said calendars or I might call Mr. Trudeau. These simple solutions would not carry the ‘souvenir’ element. Would I had bought calendars when I was in Charleston and Savannah!

Barnes & Noble usually has 70-80% off calendar sales after around New Year’s Day. They are the leftovers no one wanted and they tend not to be ‘quality’. My office would look a bit odd with calendars with Sponge-Bob or pug puppies. Still, they are better than nothing.


I may ask Father Christmas for a few. I recall from the 90s the good folks at COLT magazine made calendars; I wonder if they still do so. For the office I prefer calendars with photographs of soapstones and cedar masks over those with fellows worthy of Fearsome Beard, but I am open to try.

Spo-fans: what sort of calendars do you use?



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