Every once in a while I get it into my head to see or hear all the works of a composer or author. This is not as easy as it sounds for I have to rely on others to provide such works. I’ve read all of the novels by Dickens as they are readily available. I’ve seen all of Shakespeare’s works thanks to my thirty years attendance at The Stratford Festival.

Verdi wrote 26 operas and Harold Pinter wrote 29 plays; Mahler’s lovely symphonies total 10 (or so). Alas, opera companies seem loath to produce Mr. Verdi’s ‘lesser’ operas in favor of the same 5-6 bromides of which I am tired.  Mr. Pinter’s dramas must be box office poison for no one puts them on. I saw “The Homecoming” a few years ago at The Shaw Festival and even then the place was half-empty. I remonstrate The Phoenix Symphony every year if they neglect to play one of Herr Mahler’s cosmic symphonies (enough of the Beethoven already!).

The more contemporary bucket list to hear the entire repertoire of Jethro Tull is just a matter of time – and money. This is also true for the plan to see all the films of Mr. Hitchcock (and all of Katherine Hepburn’s movies. I don’t think they overlap any).

I suppose I could ‘cheat’ and watch/hear everything on Youtube but this would feel a disappointment. I want to be in a live theatre among other acolytes of culture.

I have my fingers crossed I will in time make the Mahler goal. Alas, hearing all twenty six Verdi operas probably ain’t gonna happen. Perhaps Mr. Verdi wouldn’t mind either. It may be some of his never-performed operas are understandably avoided as they are simply no good.

When I look back at my early blog posts I cringe at some of their rawness. To the ambitious Spo-fans thinking of reading all of my work: I say don’t bother but start about half-way through.  🙂


I am curious to hear from Spo-fans if you have a ‘bucket list’ for an artist who is ‘must see/hear all their works”.