Harper 14 (1)

Harper has peed the bed – twice. I am trying to make a diagnosis of the matter but the differential is diverse. She doesn’t show signs of sickness, nor is she confined indoors but let out regularly.  Perhaps she is doing so out of spite. Both times were on my side of the bed. I suppose I should take her to the vet for a check-up. Whatever the cause I am rawther tired of changing bed sheets.

Another shenanigan is the ‘poor starving dog’ routine. I will be in the kitchen only to see those terribly depressed eyes looking up at me conveying neglect and deprivation worthy of calling the ASPCA. So I give her a treat and I fill her clack-dish – and she perks right up in gratitude. Soon afterwards Someone tells me she was just given all that only ten minutes ago.

Now that we have the windows and doors open at night Harper will suddenly sit up in hyper-vigilance with a ‘Hark! Look yonder!” expression and want out. Whatever is out there elicits a canine chastisement until I tell her to knock it off and get back in here. This is usually accompanied with another round of ‘poor starving dog” routine, which makes me wonder if the whole thing was a set up.

Someone tells me I need to stop giving table scraps despite her barbarous weapon of putting her snout in my lap and gazing up in love and adoration etc.

Clever dog. When you love them they drive you crazy because they know they can.