‘Tis the season hohoho to put up the Hallowe’en trimmings!



Don we now our gay apparel. The ocotillo gets covered in plastic pumpkins. Every year I lose a few to the winds or to  pumpkin-pinchers. Don’t worry: they make more. 


Mr. Bookwus dons a witch hat. It makes him even more scary than usual.


Starting 1 October I start hanging a daily ornament on the dead oak tree.  It is my Advent Calendar for All Hallow’s Eve. 



Here’s an attempt at arts and crafts. I painted a small clay pot white, orange, and yellow.  I stuck in a candle and filled up the space with candy corn. I made two of them.  

I replace the candy every year. 


Us Truly has a disdain for spiders along the line as Indiana Jones’ aversion to snakes.  These lovely tea candle holders are fun without evoking arachnophobia. 



Behold Harper, always alert and ready, to model the bed.  On Labor Day I bedecked the beams with garlands of autumn leaves. I didn’t add orange lights  this month as scheduled, for they give Someone headaches.



I am preparing a costume to wear on 31 October. I will be at work, my doctor’s appointment, and later that day for handing out the trick-or-treats. I am going as a Board Director Here at Spo-reflections.