A week ago at the office party I was seated next to The Boss-Woman. It is always a bit ticklish to interact with thems who pay your salary while you share with them a plate of hors d’oeuvres and drink cocktails.  She exclaimed for a long time she has been thinking of writing a blog. Instantly in my mind I held a five second-long ten minute process prior to letting out I write one.  This led to a process resulting in her asking me to send her the link to Spo-Reflections. I said I would. I haven’t done so. That was over a week ago; happily it seems to  have slipped her mind and hasn’t come up again.  It is not that I write anything scandalous or libelous [1] but our conversation reminded me blogging puts us on stage for everyone to see.  Happily The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections are quite draconian to what gets posted. After an entry is written each Board Member takes onto themselves the role of a certain person-type:

A Boss

   A patient (especially thems with borderline personality traits) 

          A  Someone

                An Attorney 

                     Brother #3 (Representative to the Spos)

                                Old Lurker [2]

If one of these five types gives a thumbs-down the entry is expunged or axed and consequently The Board etc. adjourns to got out and burn down some public building. Goodness knows how anything interesting gets by – let alone posted. [3]

These days humor (especially satire) is a hazardous endeavor what with everyone taking umbrage so readily. The other day in my medical conference a presenter told a warm-up joke about Trump which I thought could be interpreted either ‘pro’ or ‘con” Trump. One of the psychiatrists in the audience stood up to say political jokes are not appropriate in a medical conference and he (the speaker) will stop that (not ‘should’ stop but will stop).  I am rather surprised my attempts at wit here don’t elicit more hate mail and comments than they do.It makes me think perhaps I am ‘too safe” as it were. Perhaps in 2018 I should make the blog more bold and doggerel.

Then again The Boss-Woman may try to decide to find me after all just as I brave dropping my pants.  Oh the embarrassment. Perhaps I should post pet photos.  They always safe and bring in the readers.  Even the Fab Five would give thumbs up to that.


[1] Much to the disappointment of several Spo-fans who want some filth.

[2] Bless him! He is my ‘consistency man”; he remembers all the blog’s details. He keeps me on my toes not to repeat or forget things. I sometimes fantasize sending a team of Old Lurker and Warrior Queen AM of Philadelphia into a Board Meeting . The latter haven’t  a prayer. 

[3] Thanks to their frequent hyggaes involving strong drink they often are asleep at the switch and let some things slip by. Later on, when sober, they realize the blunder and find it horrible. By then it is too late, especially if they see the entry was well-received.