Today is Someone’s birthday.  Like honey-badger, he don’t care. He has never been one to celebrate his birthday.  I find this zany; I am one of those types who likes to go all out on a birthday. Every day I check Facebook for birthdays in order to send a birthday greeting.  All the same I think he appreciates my attempts at birthday prizes.  I plan to give him a birthday prize every year whether he wants one or not.


This year I gave him BOSE headphones, which are supposed to be top of the line for auditory experiences and for blocking out noise. I tried them one once. The king-size-titanic-unsinkable-Molly Brown ear cushions instantly put me into a virtual deafness I found amazing and unsettling.  When have I heard such silence last?  I don’t know how well they will convey tunes but I thought the silence worth the price.

Someone may take exception to this. He claims I am already surmounted by virtual headphones. At least once a day he comes into the room wondering how on earth can I not hear him shouting.  The walk-in closet off the master bedroom must be lined with the same material in BOSE headphones  because when I am in there I can’t hear a bomb going off let alone Someone calling from the other room.

It is sad to think I am losing my hearing.  I was never one to play loud music or operate jackhammers so it is a mystery why it’s happening.  I blame all those years learning ASL and working with deaf people; some wicked fairy decided since I was already waving my arms around I might as well join’em.

By the way we both fall asleep at night listening to our iphones via standard insert plugs.  I don’t think BOSE is going to work for this as he sleeps on his side, but who can say.

On the positive, if the BOSE is all it’s cracked up to be, when Someone wears them he will be quite oblivious to me and my ramblings other than when I am standing in front of him waving my hands and/or signing ASL.  In return this set-up allows me to play loud music the type he doesn’t like to hear.  It’s a win-win situation, no?