Every year at this point in the calendar I write an entry for the Solstice. My Nordic blood bubbles blithely at this holiday; this causes me more than ever to express myself through writing.  There is something archaic and comforting about lighting a fire on the darkest day of the year in order to welcome back the sun from its retreat. I light some candles, stare into their flames, and become cozy and comforted. It inspires scribbling out my thoughts.

I suspect solstice celebrations of yore were more social and boisterous than ones I have. They probably resembled one of meetings of The Board Directors Here at Spo-reflections  with a contemptuous topic. I want to scribble something spiritual and erudite on this blessed day. As I sat down to write this year’s entry, I kept returning to the theme of the return of light during the darkest time of life.  2017 felt to be a very dark year indeed what with the present government shredding reason and truth for power and profit. At home there were a couple of nice trips  but otherwise 2017 wasn’t one of great growth or Journey. I saw myself settle into a banality of work, chores, tasks, and not much else. Even the house slowly set into disrepair. As I light my solstice candles to welcome light I also welcome change – proper change with personal growth.  I have great plans to shake things up in 2018 both at home and in myself.  Let us hope so.

I sit in darkness. The moon outside my window is a mere sliver of the waxing type – how apt for the winter solstice! Like its mate, Moon is slowly returning to full light. I have a radiant red candle burning, bright and bold as blood. I can almost hear the wax dripping into the brass holder. Harper sleeps soundly on the comforter on the bed; I will soon join her in a long winter’s night sleep. I hope tonight to have sweet dreams of waterfalls and ice cream.

Happy Solstice everyone. May this new year and the return of the sun bring you light and hope.