I apologize for the lack of entries but I have been living a life of indolence. I’m not certain how doing nothing and all the time of the day in which to do it translates into ‘no time to write’. It is sunrise and I am sitting poolside waiting for tea (or something like it) to arrive. My travel-mates are sitting by my side, lost in their techie-toys.  The apricity of the morning sun hits our face; it portends a clear day.

I wish I could report spectacular goings-on and debauchery but alas there isn’t any. Spo-fans gave me instructions to ‘make things up’ but that seems indiscreet. Mostly I sit and gab and look at people. I talk with chums. The happy hours have a nice mingle of people from all over. I’ve met a couple of Dutchmen who promise to give me a proper recipe for snert (how exciting!)  I’ve been retiring early as this seems to be what I need most.  It sounds rather dull but I am enjoying myself.

You would think having all the time in the world would be open to great ideas and erudite entries on Life, The Universe, and Everything, but nothing arises. The Muses are not on vacation with me; apparently they went to The Bahamas rather. Oh well.

Today is Mardi Gras. DougT brought a box of sugar-fried-cakes-of-death to breakfast. I remembered to bring beads of which we have plenty. Later this morning I may go visit a colleague staying at another guesthouse and see what’s that place is like.  He is well over four feet and we will discuss patient care or something . In the afternoon I shall continue to read “As I lay dying” by William Faulker poolside. Depending on who else is there, this is either spot-on or irony as its best.