It’s said before a couple become engaged they should ask each other a few logical questions to see if they should do a 180 and run off in opposite directions.  The usual questions are politics, religion, and (if they are smart) their libido levels.  These are well and good but I would add to the inquiry what one likes on pizza.  Someone bungled this part, and now it is too late.


I am one of those weirdos who likes above all others anchovies on his pizza.  We are the few, the proud, the anchovies.* Needless to say Someone loathes the things.  Happily there is ‘Thai fish sauce” (oh the joy!) which is liquid anchovies I sprinkle on my slices.

Another contentious topping between us is ham and pineapple.  Someone would rather eat rats at Tewkesbury than eat ‘Hawaiian” pizza. Unfortunately that is all there is tonight for his after-theater late night snack. As is the wont, he peels off the pineapple and eats the ham.  Miscreant.

Someone likes ‘Supreme’ which is way too much on a pizza for my taste. I limit to 2-3 toppings at most – or just anchovies. Harper likes S’upreme’ as well as I pick off the nasty greasy sausage bits and feed them to her.  I am not fond of ‘garbage meats’.

I have no absolute no-nos but green peppers come close. They are a feeble attempt trying to create a ‘healthy’ pizza and the make the pizza soggy.  Keep them in the salad please.

I am growing fond of a simple cheese pizza with good herbs, ground pepper – and Thai fish sauce.

What I covet most is a proper Chicago-style deep-dish pizza with spinach and mushrooms.  Oh the ecstasy.  On this Someone and I are in total agreement.  They are better than couples counseling

Spo-fans are invited to leave in the comment section which pizza toppings float your boat and which are rubbish.  


* I met my future sister-in-law #2 at a pizza parlor. She asked if I would mind if we ordered pizza with anchovies.  I leaned over to Brother #2 and whispered she is a keeper.  I shudder what would have happened if she had ordered something else.