The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections sent an email this morning commenting on the recent ‘ratings’ viz. plenty of comments, many of them from stalkers and newbies.  In summary they are pleased as Punch.  As is sometimes the case when they are happy they  a) stop threatening bodily harm and b) give me imperial tidbits. Along with the email I got a bag of small brown seeds with the card with the run ‘enjoy’. Turns out they are mustard seeds for my boar meat.  Mustard is the oldest condiment that I am aware; there is evidence it’s been used for eons. Who knew The Ancients wanted some ‘umph’ to their dishes?*

I love me some mustard.  Someone is quite content to consume bright yellow French mustard (when he uses any mustard at all) but not Urs Truly.  My soul swoons at the number and variety of available mustards to try. The house mustard is Dijon, but I’ve heard rumors the French have several they aren’t sharing with me.

712M-+luxqL._SY606_If America has French yellow and France has Dijon what do the Brits have? I discovered yesterday Colemans mustard, which is apparently concludes the trinity. Who knew? When I went running into the other room to share my revelation Someone rolled his eyes in that way that means ‘Oh please everyone knows about that” and “where have you been all these years?”  I am hellbent on getting me some Colemans as quickly as possible. I wonder if there is any available at Albertsons?

While snooping about the WWW for “English mustard” I discovered “Tewkesbury mustard”. My eyes widened; my face was suddenly lit with joy like that of a brilliant sunrise.  Spo-fans know the town of Tewkesbury is known for two things:

  1. a famous battle 
  2. inedible rodents 

Who knew they also made mustard? I am fairly certain the brand is not available in the local Arizona grocery, but perhaps at the Fish&Chips shoppe in town where they sell British bits like digestive biscuits and IrnBru. If not, I may have to write the Lord Mayor of Tewkesbury to send me some as soon as possible – or just order some on line.

I may have to modify my expression “Sooner I’d eat rats at Tewkesbury” to “Sooner I’d eat rats at Tewkesbury without mustard”.   With a dab of proper mustard I could eat anything – Tewkesbury rats included – with relish.



*Fun fact: In ‘Macbeth’ when the witches are making their brew, they are using mostly herbs and plants with funny nicknames. I recently learned “Eye of Newt” is an old word for mustard seed.  Can you imagine? The dears are adding mustard !