The other day I connected the dots on some half-conscious worry I’ve been having about my podcasts. I want to share my insight.

I listen to dozens of podcasts for I love them so. Several of them are about history while more are science-based (astronomy, biology, and psychology). Nearly all of them fall  into the common category of ‘being educational”.  I love learning; I have a rapacious appetite for knowledge.  The results of my greedy enterprise are I now have dozens of podcasts subscriptions*. Most of them put out new episodes on a continual basis. Every  morning there are new entries and I want to hear each and every one of them. Unfortunately this is beginning to resemble the ‘I Love Lucy episode’ with the chocolate wrapping conveyor belt:  too many are coming too quickly for me to ingest. After all, there are only so many free hours in the day – even by ‘doubling up a podcast with an activity such as ironing or walking the dog.  It seems at no time is my phone off but it is ‘getting caught up’ with podcasts all trying to teach me things.

The axioms “I can’t have it all” and “I can’t learn everything I want” are no-brainer insights. The revelation at hand was brought to me via one of my favorite podcasts “Hello from the Magic Tavern”**  This one is not educational. Far from it!  It is ‘fun’ ; it has no educational value whatsoever. It is the equivalent of eating a bag of nasty chips with a whole lot of cheese-dip. Oh so delicious!  When I last listened to it, I discovered I was feeling guilty I should be listening to something ‘good for me’ like ‘The Daily’.  Eh? What’s this!? While Ego was asleep at the switch some inner-whistle blower Complex has taken over my down time schedule and declared no education = wasting time.  I am not sure yet of its origins (an analysis in progress).

I have christened this complex “Tiger Mom”.

“Tiger mom is a mother raising her children in a traditional Chinese way, including strict rules, tough love, and discipline to get children to succeed.”

So much of my ‘down time’ is geared towards “improving myself”; I look down on ‘wasting time’.  Even my YouTube past times are towards the science and learning channels.   Go to my bookshelf and look at the ‘to read’ list. I can assure you they are classics and such.

So what the f-ck is wrong with reading rubbish or listening to a podcast on wizards and talking Badgers just for the sheer pleasure of doing so? Whence comes this inner Tiger Mom?  I need to know soon as this sense of cramming cosmic crud into my cranium is getting a bit wearing. What I really want is junk food, trash reading, and doggerel entertainment with no redeeming properties whatsoever.

The first step at shrinking The Tiger Mom Complex is recognition it is not Ego. The second step is taking action. I am now deleting podcast entries if they don’t immediately grab my interest. If I  listen to one and it isn’t floating my goat I will stop it. The next step is letting go of books that bore me despite the notion to plod through it for the sake of saying I have read it.

 By the way, Someone isn’t in touch with his Tiger Mom or he has kicked her out ages ago. He can watch TV for hours and feel no regret or sense he is wasting time or he ought to be doing something to improve himself.

Tiger Moms apparently push their children towards ‘success in life”. One could argue I got that now, so what the hell? I will always want to grow and learn and improve myself, but I think Tiger Mom can let up now. There is no test anymore to pass.

This weekend I may try watching Archer cartoons all Saturday.  Meanwhile I deleted the Ted-talks on global warming and the “Very Bad Words” episode on the the history of the @-hole word for the next set of Hello From the Magic Tavern.

Yeah, baby!


*On request I will gladly provide Spo-fans the list of recommendations.

**Three improv actors do a podcast from the mythical Land of Foon. Arnie fell through a timehole behind a Burger King in Chicago into Foon, where he hosts a weekly podcast with his two buddies Usidore the Blue and Chunt the talking Badger. It is a cross between The Firesign Theatre and Dungeons&Dragons. It is hilarious and quite worth a look-see.