th    Someone and I have been invited to a party. I can’t remember when we last went to one. To be specific, it is the gala dinner our friend DougT has every year in Hyde Park, Chicago at the ‘butterfly museum’. He and his partner AKA The Wild One are putting together a table of twelve. The thoughtful dear asked us to attend and we said yes.*

This soiree requires a tuxedo. I own one; it resides in a bag in the back of a closet. I better try it on now for size. I recall it was purchased when I lived in Chicago, which is 17 years ago if it’s a day. Someone will point out even if it fits it will be ‘outdated’ and there will be talk. He has a point. I better rent one as he always does.

I am not fond of tuxedos; I associate them with blackjack dealers.  Wouldn’t it be jolly good fun to appear to the fundraiser in top hat and tails rather? I think so, but this may be showy and outdoing the host, which would be tactless.  Someone is very fond of tuxedos; he will no doubt insist we rent and he will tell me where to do this and when and what I should get.  I’ve learned it’s no good trying to find one myself or even get a tux ‘in which I look good’ or feel comfortable so I might as well go with the latest fashion. For me it is darned near impossible not to look like a waiter while wearing one.

I think there is an indirect task to this assignment other than filling chairs at the “A” table: bedazzling the elderly lady museum patron donors to put out as it were. I can be very charming this way. Anything to help out. Even if it means putting on a penguin suit. I just better get that pizza for my pains.

Spo-fans:  do you own or rent a tux? 


*I hope by early May the faraway kingdom of Chicago has warmed up sufficiently to melt off the snow (it could happen). Our investor at ML resides in Chicago. We will have a ‘hot date’ with him to go over our finances.  What I am most looking forward to on this trip is not the dinner or the finances but is getting a proper king-size-titanic-unsinkable-Molly-Brown deep-dish style Chicago pizza.  I doubt the butterfly dinner will be serving such.