I made a break today from the tidy-up to go to the local wine store to load up on ‘cheap white’ table wines. My goal: replenish the wine fridge, which is strangely loaded only with red wine and all high-quality. What I wanted were whites for summer sipping – not too expensive and no bottle over ten bucks.  Thanks to my trusty sommelier Jennifer I came home with a dozen bottles of Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Blends etc. – bargains all and everyone of them came with Jennifer’s guarantee they will be delightful.*

The wines are from ‘all over’

1except France. I trust the French still make wine. If they do you wouldn’t know it from the store stock. There seems to be no such thing as a bottle of  inexpensive French wine – only the stuff costing hundreds of dollars. I wonder why this is. Perhaps the local merchants don’t stock much French wines let alone cheap ones as folks around here equivocate French wine with snobbery or beaucoup bucks.


While I was wondering the wines I stopped by the whisky aisle to get myself a preliminary birthday bottle. I indulged in a Sierra Norte, yellow, a Mexican whisky which has been on my ‘to try’ list. It cost 50$, but I rationalized it will soon be my birthday so what the hell.  Funny what we are willing and not willing to pay for.  I know folks who won’t buy organic food as highway robbery yet they think nothing about buying a coffee at Starbucks or drink Fiji water. Today I was willing to put out $50 for a bottle of  whisky but not for a bottle of French Bordeaux? Fascinating. It could be the difference is the whisky will be savored over several weeks or months while the wine gets drank in one or two days.  The psychology of purchase is a fascinating topic indeed. 



*I could have been the victim of scam called The “Summer Rain” but I don’t think so.  The salespeople are savvy enough to know if they push rubbish onto their customers this will come back to bite them.