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Note – Today at work among the ‘no-shows’ I wrote a lovely entry (if I may say so). Alas I forgot to load it into WordPress.  Now at home, I can’t find something upon which to write.  Here is a entry I started writing last Memorial Day. I never completed it. I think I was avoiding it due to the content.  However, I need something to post, so I pulled it out, dusted it off, and pressed the publish button…..

I have a new cellphone; it has more capacity than The Tardis.  I am able to download nearly all the music in my iTunes library.  As a consequence I am hearing tunes I’ve not heard in ages. While sitting on a porch swing minding my own business my phone played a song* that made me sit right up. I can not remember the last time I heard it. The tune instantly brought me back to the time and location when/where I first heard it.  The flashback caused me to tear up. Now why was that?  Being who I am I have been sitting for a while trying to understand from whence this emotion derives. The elected memory was a good one. I recall it was a birthday weekend. We lived in Michigan at the time; we had driven to Toronto to see the sights.

It seems to be a simple explanation: I am twenty years older to the time when the CD was first played. Hearing it again made me feel old. Mr. Groban’s tune hadn’t aged but I sure have.  Now I know better than to dwell on the past and mourn so-called losses of youth. I must stay in the past and make the present meaningful for the future. 

Tearing up over a tune was surprising, annoying, and frankly a bit embarrassing. However it was the emotion that came up. I can thank Mr. Groban for poking me in a tender area I didn’t know was there. 



*Josh Groban “Classical” album from 2001; the song: “All Luce Del Sole”. 

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