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Note: this is one of my darkest entries.

In the musical “1776”, before they sign The Declaration of Independence, John Hancock says:

 “Very well. We are about to brave the storm in a skiff made of paper, and how it will end – God only knows.” 

‘1776’ doesn’t end with a upbeat celebratory song but with an ominous dissonant chord. It seems to say “Will this remarkable experiment in democracy succeed?” On the eve of The Glorious Forth I do not feel good about the country. There is a growing ugliness in the land; there is no willingness for civil dialogue or compromise.  Oh how we hate each other.

My memory may be marred but it seems to me I was born into a country of people, and now it has become a kennel of mad dogs.  The USA has degenerated from a republic into an oligarchy in league with a kakistocracy.  Once upon a time I think we admired reason, science, and manners; now these virtues are anathema.  Indeed no virtue seems wanted anymore. If the Ghost of Jacob Marley should happen to haunt the powers in charge they would laugh at his lamentation the common welfare, charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence are the true business of man.

It is easy to blame Hair Furor but I see him as a personified rash that has erupted out of the sickness that is The States. Jung once said “Every country gets the foreigners it deserves”. Perhaps we ‘deserve’ Trump for our choosing Darkness to Light.*

So what do I do in my current mental state on this national day of celebration?  I don’t think I want to pretend we are one family family and rubbish united we stand. I stop to remember not everyone gained their independence on 4 July, 1776 and I don’t see anyone gaining freedoms any time soon.  

I am pessimistic; we have devolved and I fear there is no turning back.


*Some argue Trump wasn’t picked per se but usurped through Russian influences. If this were proven true I don’t the spineless Congressman would even speak up to say that’s bad. 

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