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One should not sweat the small stuff. However this is harder to do when you grow old. Once upon a time you were that let-it-slide dude then you are that old guy yelling at the kids to get off your lawn.  I may roll my eyes when Someone takes umbrage and shouts at the youngsters who don’t stop at the nearby stop sign interaction, but I am no better. Here’s a list of things that burn my beets and make the younger ones wonder who spit in my Geritol.  

Lazy good-for-nothings who don’t return their grocery carts but leave them al l over the parking lot. 

Thems who plough through the flashing red lights at the highway entries.  In my day red meant stop. 

Sluggards who throw recyclables into the rubbish. Worse, they don’t first drain the bottles. I’ve been known to fish these out of the trash and empty the contents before putting them in the proper bins. Must I do everything around here? 

Young man, when a lady arrives at the table you stand up!

Rude boys on apps who suddenly stop conversing without so much a “I have to go now good-bye”.  

When I give you a gift it is good manners to call or write an email of thanks. I’ve given up on proper thank-you notes. 

Poor eye contact and lackluster handshakes when meeting another gentleman.  Who raised these kids I wonder? 

For those in the service industry: the proper way to address me is “Doctor”, “Mister”, or “Sir”. “Pal”, “Buddy”, and my first name are right-out.  Oh the pain. 

I’m not so old yet or so curmudgeonly to correct your grammar in public, but when I say “Thank you’ and you reply with ‘No problem (instead of ‘You’re welcome)  I may say “I wasn’t aware it was”.

What old person rants do you do my dears?


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