Drat! The fridge is on the fritz. The main fridge itself looks to be running with its lights on and such but the temperature is barely cool.  Everything in the freezer had to be thrown away. We are eating what we can, and cooking some of it in order  to put into the laundry room freezer. Thing like the potato salad and cottage can not be trusted.

I phoned a few places only to learn the soonest someone can show is Tuesday so I fear nothing will last until then.  And I have just bought groceries! Oh the pain. It’s enough to drink me to drink but we haven’t any ice. 

Sometimes I consider making a little list of all the things around the house that want repair but I don’t ever do it as the list would be as long as my arm and the realization how much needs attention would make my eyes cross or tear up. I am certain Spo-fans have a similar sense that ‘everything seems to break down at once”.  As soon as you think you’ve gotten past the worst the carburetor bubbles over or the washing machine refuses to work.  It’s like they plot like an appliance Jonestown to all die at once. 

We have several types of repairmen coming in this week. We have our fingers crossed they will show on time and fix the problem right away without too much blood shed.  Fat chance of that.  One of us will have to stay home, waiting for Godot. Someone usually ends up doing this as a day’s loss of wages for him is not as bad as mine. I miss the opportunity to play “Repairman 3” but Someone assures me not once has any repairman looked like one of the fellows in the movies.

Our normal mode of operation is to ignore broken items as long as possible but a defunct refrigerator can’t be denied. As for the cost, well, there is no point in asking if the air is any good when there is nothing else to breathe.  

Such is the state of the union at La Casa de Spo.  I may run out to get some ice now.