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The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections has made it crystal clear there are certain topics on which I am not to blog. These ten no-no rules are on a sheep hide, written in blood, hanging in my office, as a constant reminder don’t go there. Some of these topics TBDHSR fears if I put into prose it would lead to the loss of my livelihood while others could cause Spo-fans running away out of sheer boredom.  I think some of their fears overrated and unfounded but they’ve taken a ‘Don’t question me’ approach on this so that’s that.  Sometimes it is not worthwhile to argue with The Bosses, especially when most of them are expert at removing toenails.  Here’s the list to tease and titillate you.

1. Patient gossip. All day long people come to me with all sorts of interesting things, most would make quite amusing reads. I strongly suspect more than a few of my patients regularly read this blog so no way Jose am I going to touch this tar-baby.  

2. My wild and zany escapades through Cupid’s grove. These vignettes are quite dated but they are rawther remarkable and various. Ah youth. The consequence of hanging out my dirty laundry (and International Male clothes items) for all to see would result in WordPress removing my clean rating.  Oh the embarrassment. 

3.  I have great knowledge on English history but this is considered poison at the blog-office by you-know-who.

4. Someone’s previous significant others.   Enough said.

5. The problems of my less than stellar organ systems.  Dammit after a day of listening to everyone else’s ailments, it would be nice to have someone listen to my aches and pains for once – but they won’t let me. 

6. Several rawther disgraceful non-sexual shenanigans from my youth. When I think on them I never can determine whether to laugh or cry. 

7. A treatise on the role of the more important archetypes in Jungian psychology in regards to male psychology. (see #3 above).

8. My various recipes for BBQ sauces.

9. Politics. There is enough pundits on line as it is and TBDHBR fears direct diatribes about Hair Furor will bring to the blog more trolls than a souvenir shop is Oslo.  

10. That time when they tried to throw me in jail. 

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