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satan-display-smartphone-collage-sculpture-russia-july-horned-demon-cellphone-58384649Demons of the worse sort are in a cabal to make life difficult. There’s been a catalog of calamities at La Casa de Spo.  The repairman came on Tuesday. He quickly threw up his hands and said the money needed to repair the LG fridge is bad enough it isn’t worth fixing and we should stronger consider replacing the white elephant. It looks like we have to swallow our wormwood and go by a new one – this time a Maytag thank you very much.  For a week we’ve had no refrigeration. We also don’t have proper drinking water: the reverse osmosis water system gave up the ghost just before the money-hole icebox broke down. We have only Phoenix tap water to drink and there is no ice to cool it.

Both cars needed long overdue tune ups and both cost a pretty penny as well. Hector the Landscape Hombre came by and he did a fine job tidying up the yard but he alerted us we have a sizeable and fairly aggressive bee colony in our backyard. Now we have to get an exterminator.

No ice, no food, no water – and a bee invasion. Oh the pain.

At work The RN (only a few months old at the clinic) gave two months’ notice. As a consequence I shall inherit all her cases. The latest receptionist gave notice as well.  People come and go so quickly here.

I try to be positive. This weekend Someone and I are going out to buy a ‘cube’ fridge to tide us over until we figure out what to do with the LG. At work, it is better to get transfer patients than new ones (less work). At home it’s too hot to go outside anyway so The Swarm isn’t too disrupting.  It’s nice to have clean and operable cars on the eve of some road trips.  I believe the osmosis repairman shows up next week, although I get confused which repairman is coming when and what for.  I look forward to the day having ice and decent drinking water, enough to make a stiff drink – better make that a double.

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