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Spo-fans took umbrage to last week’s blog post “Entries not happening” at the list of no-no topics. I think TBDHSR is shocked in the same way Hair Furor is over the reaction to his Helsinki debacle. Unlike Putin’s Poodle the Board is OK at admitting to a bungle – especially if they smell profit and comments to do so.  This morning I see the sheep skin of forbidden topics was expunged of some of its less controversial concepts. A Spo-fan (the dear!) wants more on Jungian psychology.  Sven, Bjorn, et. al. reluctantly said “Ja”, so here it goes. Please write comments of questions and appreciation, otherwise I will lose my cuticles. 

Psyche has many complexes and archetypes. However they are not ‘equal’ in importance.  Some are very vital while others only become so depending on the situation. Think of your spice rack: the pepper and the paprika are frequently used while fines herbes not so much but oh! when you want it it’s the right one to utilize (especially on scrambled eggs I may add).

There are four main archetypes that make up masculinity . In a balanced masculine well-being  these are a) conscious b) relatively equal in power and c) not darkened by Shadow energy.  One of my long ago teachers Robert Miller wrote a seminal book on the topic “The King, The Warrior, The Magician, and The Lover.”  He said it better than I, so if you want more on the matter, I recommend it. It’s a good read.

The King

The King is the leader; he has the libido (psychic energy) to make the decision. Apart from the cliche of an actual monarch, King energy is seen/needed in Presidents, CEOs, bosses, and team or group leaders.  This is a serious role not to be taken likely. It has a lot of responsibility. Positive King energy involves justice and courage. He also accepts responsiblity when things go bad. Whoever said ‘The Buck stops here” was spot-on. A captain choosing to go down with the ship and the man of the house willing to die assure his family’s survival both channel King energy.  King is often seen as the only element of the masculine psyche, because King energy is Power.  Masculinity is NOT the same as power, despite eons of human existence.  King energy is the one most easily aligned and corrupted by Shadow energy.   We all know Shadow-King energy: the Tyrant, the Dictator, the Baby-Boss.  

The Lover

This archetype is often neglected, considered unnecessary or even doubted as existing in the Male Psyche. Lover is the passion, the zest, the thumos of love, life, and work.  Lover is in touch with the erotic and the sensual. Musicians, artists, and loving spouses and fathers are charged with Lover energy. In my experience gay men are often more comfortable and in touch with The Lover than are straight men, for the latter fear The Lover = Femininity.   

Lover with Shadow makes for playboy lifestyles, unfaithfulness, and vapid sexuality.  James Bond comes to mind, as does the man on dating apps having meaningless multiple sex acts.  Sometime the alliance goes in the opposite way towards suppression of desire, sex, and emotion.  

The Warrior

If The Lover is often neglected The Warrior is often banished, as society doesn’t feel comfortable with him. True Warrior fights for righteousness and justice and protection of country and family.  History if full of examples of Warriors such as Gandhi and Dr. King Jr.  Victor Lazlo in “Casablanca” is another example of Warrior.  Notice none of these examples are cliche macho, muscle Rocky dudes?  Warrior energy is not about brute strength but the will.   Warrior fights; he doesn’t rule. He works for the King. 

Shadow Warrior is sometimes called the Soldier.  Brutish fighting without quality.  He is the thug and he is violent. He doesn’t know when to choose his battles but sees everything as fight or die. As history is full of men doing poor Warrior stuff it is understandable women are wary of Masculine Warrior.  Warrior is often erroneously equivocated as anger, and it must be squashed or curtailed.  Boys in ‘rough play’ are asked not to do so. In their early attempts at art and writing they are frowned upon not to draw or write such violent things. Society has a lot of repair work to do on this archetype.  Like all archetypes they need space; to deny them is to risk havoc. 

The Magician

OK I hear some of you say. I can see masculinity needs to lead, fight, and love properly, but why the need for hocus-pocus? My first flippant response is Jungian psychology likes things in ‘fours’ so something needed to take the last slot hohoho.  I admit its been a while since I’ve studied the reason why this archetype completes the group (go read Dr. Moore’s book why don’t you).  For sake of getting on with it, I will go with ‘it’s there for a good reason’.  

Shamans, priests, and scientists share Magician energy which is about discovering the Secrets.  They don’t rule and they don’t want to, as they are busy studying and exploring Nature and the Universe.  The other three archetypes are about functioning; this one is about getting in touch with something ‘more’ to make it all meaningful.  King plans; Lover creates; Warrior makes it so – and Magician advises the others with Sage advice on how to do their jobs well and with elan.  Doctors and therapists are strong with Magician energy.  It is no coincidence on the shelf at my office are jars labeled “Eye of Newt” and “Fairy Dust” . My patients are sort of hoping for something just that. When they come to me they are not asking me to boss them or love them but to discover what makes them tick – Magician energy indeed.  As an aside,  the evolution of physician to mere ‘providers’ removes Magician energy from doctors I think not in a good way.

Negative Magician energy shows up in men who manipulate Nature and others for nefarious and self-serving ends. The bad advisor to the duped monarch is a common theme in books and movies – and in life. 

So there you have it.  A man’s path in Self-growth and masculinity requires him to be in touch with all four archetypes in a conscious and balanced psyche. One or two of these will always dominate* but the others can not be neglected. Shadow elements are always there; be mindful they don’t pollute and take over. 


*I am predominately Lover and Magician, which bodes well in my occupation.  🙂 

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