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TBDHSR was pleased as Punch to see yesterdays’ little lecture on Jung-stuff got enough comments to leave my digits as they are. I allowed to write on BBQ sauce and the Archetypes important to the Feminine. Spo-fans keen on the ‘time I almost got thrown in jail” story should not hold their breath. 

We were invited last night to ‘gay dinner party’ (as my grandmother used to call them) by some bar buddies. There were four couples; they were well over four week.  I was pleased to see our hosts not only had place cards at table but they separated the couples as well. My dinner partner was a fellow from Ireland named Aiden; I hope I didn’t drive him to distraction with all my questions. It was a marvelous party; I couldn’t have liked it more. To finish this oh-so-proper past time I insisted Someone and I write a handwritten thank you note. It made me feel good to see proper manners are not completely dead. 


This week we see highs of 45C or more. The assurance ‘it’s a dry heat’ carries no weight at these temperatures.  It’s hard enough already to keep my office cool what with its two glass walls facing south/east.  I plan to show up at work in the lightest of clothing – cut offs if I could get away with it. Thank goodness for job security that I can push the envelope as it were.  

The fridge man comes tomorrow to tell us if the LG refrigerator can be repaired. I am familiar enough with ‘sunk cost bias” not to put good money after bad if it’s too bloody expensive. Yesterday we bought a little ‘dorm room’ fridge to tide us over.   The water man (or someone like him) shows latter this week. I would like to have proper water again. Tea made with tap water has some sort of oil slick on top of it most unappetizing. 

If we can get through this water-less, ice-less, bee-infested week (yes they are still in the back) we can get out of town for our annual trek to Santa Fe for the opera.  Let us hope so.  

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