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My apologies to the Spo-fans for I’ve been busy as a bee.  I writing from the faraway kingdom of Santa Fe, Land of turquoise, where I soon attend one of two operas at The Santa Fe Opera. Tonight’s opera is ‘Dr. Atomic’, which is about the development of the first atomic bomb. It starts at 830PM and goes for nearly four hours. I just hope I can stay awake. Nothing sucks more than waiting a year to go to The Santa Fe Opera only to sleep through it. I just awoke from my disco-opera nap to a cup of coffee (nasty) and I hope for the best.  It’s only 20C here which feels delicious after a week of sweltering 45C. 

Speaking of bees, Spo-fans may recall a nest of them moved into our back grill area. Some nice bee-man came on Wednesday last and killed the bastards. Apparently he first tried to move them (good luck) but these bees – apparently Africanized – weren’t having it. So they were smashed to hell and good riddance. 

It looks like we won’t have to replace the refrigerator after all for some nice fridge-man (no relation to bee-man) came on Thursday. He says  with the right parts it can be fixed. The bad news is we are going into 3 weeks now sans icebox but the good news is this may be fixed next week.  Fingers crossed.  Meanwhile the water-fellow came on Tuesday or something and he fixed the osmosis system so at least we have proper water the type that doesn’t leave an oil slick on the tea cups. 

Alas I don’t have anything erudite or witty to write but it is hoped The Muses put out during my stroll about town while I fill up my souvenir bags with unnecessary plastic objects and real simulated Native American jewelry.  

Please keep reading. I promise to put out real soon. 


Our Inn is just around the corner from the Santa Fe Spirits Pub. Can you imagine ?

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