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The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections became so scared by the drop in the rating statistics it put a moratorium on the “Fear series”. How’s that for irony! They begrudgingly allowed me to finish up with the this composition on the grounds it was already ridden and I didn’t have anything else at the moment.*

One of the means to deal with Fear is to personify it and give it a name. This way fear goes from being a nebulous nonentity to form. Throughout our existence Fear as taken different archetypal forms to suit the times.  Here’s a few examples (in historical order):

The Barbarians

The Devil

The Bogeyman

Slender Man

I thought I would scribble a few notes on a current form that has struck my fancy: Cthulthu. For them’s not familiar with Mr. Cthulthu, he is character from the Mythos of Mr. Lovecraft.  I think he only appeared in one short story  – Cthulhu is hardly a ‘major player’ in L’s pantheon – but C has become quite popular in today’s culture. He is Fear Incarnate, and quite a good one too. Cthulhu isn’t a monster the type you can fight and (in theory) vanquish. He is more an idea, an existential terror. He represents the fear of our smallness and meaningless. He shatters our belief/delusion of our importance in the cosmos. To be in touch with Cthulthu is to encounter utter meaningless and incomprehension. Marie Curie said “Nothing is to be feared but understood”. Fear personified by Cthulthu is getting in touch with what can’t ever be understood. To even try evokes terror and/or annihilation.

As an archetype this is awesome. In these turbulent times of the 21st century when Fear runs amok I find it no surprise Cthulthu is taking up more Fear libido while the other Archetype examples diminish in power and value.  With The Barbarian and the Devil archetypes there is hope of fight and conquer. There is less with The Bogeyman. With Slenderman it is my understanding one can not win but at most he can be avoided. With Cthulthu you can’t win, you can’t break even, and you can’t get out of the game. Hot puppies!

Least this series end on a dismal and nihilistic note, I will point out The Cthulthu archetype channels Fear in its most terrible form.  However most of our fears are not Cthulthu although it often feels that way. Most of our Fears are the type mentioned in the Dr. Curie quote.  It’s our task not to confuse the former for the latter.


*I kept mum on my reserved “Walking the Dog” entry; I didn’t want to lose my earlobes.

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