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A few days ago I stumbled onto one of those on-line lists. I usually skip over these things, knowing they are mostly fronts for advertisers to expose me to their products.  However one of them caught my eye. It was titled ‘Ten things old people regret most”.  I was curious enough to go have a look-see. I was also dubious about the credibility of the list – who made this and how well was the research – that sort of thing.  I thought I would print the list here, adding my own editorial for the amusement of Spo-fans well over four feet.

10. “I wished I had learned a second language”.  This one was a bit surprising to me as Yanks tend to feel everyone else should learn to speak English dammit.  I am fairly well at speaking German, and I can sign some ASL. I am learning Spanish now albeit not well.  Indeed if it were easier I would want to learn as many languages as possible.  For no good reason I would like to learn Norwegian. No doubt due to my Nordic genetics.

9. “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard”.  This reflects on our regrets of not having had more fun in our lives. I am fortunate I like my work. However, I can see the value in less work and more time shouting and rolling down grass hills.

8 .” I wish I had been better at expressing how I felt”.   Women more than men reported this one viz. keeping quiet/mum and stifling one’s voice for the peace or whatever.  This is regret I don’t have. I think mine would be more along the line of “I wish I had kept my big mouth shut more”.

7. “I wish I had taken better care of myself”.   This one touches on better physical health habits, but I  include mental health too.  I am always watching on the physical health part.  However it is in conflict with the unwritten regret “I wish I had eaten more brownies in life and less kale”.

6. “I wish I had been more selective with my romantic relationships.”  Meaning one should have asked a few logical questions before jumping into bed or marrying someone. I think this one a tough one as how people turn out to be is mostly live and learn than the ability to choose good partners.  I don’t regret any of my exes with the one exception of an Iranian fellow (whose name escapes me) as his manic-depressive boyfriend stole my wallet.

5.  “I wish I hadn’t worried so much.”  On my tombstone they can write:  “Finally stopped worrying”

4.  “I should have gone more outside of my comfort zone”.  Amen to this one!  I challenge myself on this one all the time, especially when it comes to curried dishes.

3. “I could have given more”  At first I thought this meant money to charity, but it means giving one’s time and talent towards others.  Since I do this all day long in my job it is hard to do in my spare time. However, volunteer work sounds good.

2. “I wish I had pursued more of my personal dreams and not what other expected of me”. I spend a lot of my career trying to get people to grow into individual beings and not just become good members of this or that Tribe.  I personally connected the dots on this one in my early 30s – thank the gods or at least the demigods. Since then life is jam-packed and fun-filled. When I look back I try not to be bitter.

1. “I wish I had spent more time with people I cared about.” I can see why this was ranked #1. Seriously this I need to keep constant reminders of to not let slip through my fingers.

So there is the list.  I am curious to hear from Spo-fans what they think of it.

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