Greetings from Michigan Land of Perpetual Humidity. It’s been a pleasant trip. I’ve been to a wedding and I’ve seen the relations. Mostly I’ve slept – 12 hours at a time. Something about ‘being home’ with no next-day matters to attends allows me to snooze. “What I did on my vacation” entries can be boring; here is a list of highlights:

I’ve reached the age where humidity makes me knees ache.

Cubanos are more boisterous at Hispanic weddings than the Mexicanos.  I am told they got more animated after I left. This there a correlation? 

I challenged the niblings if they could forgo their phones and laptops for an hour I’d take them to Disneyland. No one made it.

15 Spos (and 3 dogs) in a house make more noise than 200 Hispanics at a wedding (including the music). 

Not only are the nephews well over four feet, Nephew #1 is 6ft 1; Nephew #2 is 6ft 3. They eat like goats and are thin as reeds. Stirges. 

My childhood barbershop still gives the best haircuts though the rates have gone up. 

There is nothing more lovely than a boat ride with the brothers, a dip in Lake St. Clair, followed by small chocolate cone.


Grand Traverse Bay makes awful whisky.  

Brother #4 has turned into a excellent griller. Just ask him. 

The parents have even more crap in the basement than last time. Oh the pain. 

It is both amazing and horrifying how much I have turned into my father in looks, mannerisms, and expression. 

My parents still have my first attempt at painting (junior high school). It hangs in the family room for all to see. Oh the embarrassment.