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It seems youngsters these days think of themselves as a mere walking bag of neurotransmitters. A young man recently came in with the ‘chief complaint’ he has DDA. Not recognizing this acronym,  I asked him to expand. ‘Dopamine deficit disorder’ said in a way that resembled a frustrated parent who has to explain for the umpteenth time to a dull child why the night is dark. Sometimes patients bring in brightly coloured brain scans or reams of genetic tests to support they need this or that medication to correct the alleged chemical imbalance.  I’m seen as a glorified waiter from whom they expect to place an order and have the order served without question.  I like to tell them please don’t confuse your Google-search for my medical degree, but I this effects my tip. 

The Other Doctor soon goes to a four day work week and the nurse practitioner retires next month leaving me the sole Rx-pusher on Mondays. This will be a disappointing surprise for the pharm reps who are scheduled for luncheons on that day; they will only have only Urs Truly to feed and entertain. I am getting the sordid reputation among the reps of a smartypants who asks intelligent questions that cut through their dog and pony shows rather than just siting there eating and taking in their data without question. I supposed I will should ask the office manager to cancel Monday luncheons. I will miss the Thai food but the thirty minutes of peace and quiet sound worth it. 

I am behind on my CME* credits. I usually keep on top of them on my car trips to and from work.  Hum-drum medical lectures simply can’t compete with my daily deluge of podcasts.  Podcasts tend to be last less than half an hour which fits nicely into my commute. Medical lectures last over an hour. I’ve decided Tuesday mornings will be ‘CME day’ where I forgo “The Daily”, “Lore”, “Myths and Legends”, and “Hello from the Magic Tavern” for the latest Audio-digest. Tomorrow’s topic is on the treatment of trichotillomania.  Oh the pain. 


*Continuing Medical Education. 

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