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Note: I thought this a marvelous post. TBDHSR thought is boring. Still, it ain’t no “Curious things about the house” entry.

I am sitting in the brown easy chair, typing away on my laptop, drinking tea from a white mug with its blue “Charleston Tea Plantation” writing. I remember where, when, and why every one of these items was purchased. I see across the room sitting on a table stand a small sculpture of an owl which my cousin made and gave me when she and her gal pals came to visit me when I lived in Chicago in the early 90s.  These items I think are the exception that most of what I have has no history.  Waiting this morning for the kettle to boil I cleaned the kitchen sink. I paused for a moment to wonder about the blue plastic dishpan. For the umpteenth time I had rinsed it out with warm sudsy water and left it turned over on the stainless steel Crate and Barrel wire rack. I stopped to consider where and when the tub was purchased. Can’t remember. It’s one of the many mundane things about the house that ‘have always been there’. It looks in good shape and I daresay it will it will survive me when somehow someone else will use and clean it in the exact same way. 

There is a woman in Japan who leads some sort of cleanliness cult whose philosophy is house things should be either bring you joy or be useful. Anything else should be discarded as clutter. More than useless, they bring your spirits down.  A quick emotional poll of Spo-things seems to fall into the categories 20% Joy, 40% useful, and 60% rubbish.* Someone seems pleased I recently took over taking out the trash on Tuesdays but it’s my devious way to slowly discard things from the 60% category.  Thanks to careful selection he hasn’t noticed anything has gone missing. However at this slow rate it will be the year 3888 before mission accomplished and I don’t know how I can sneak out the larger objects like the otiose Hammond organ. Time to call The Junkman or someone like him. I can do this one night this week when Someone is ushering. Chances are he will come home exhausted go right to bed and not even notice half the furniture is gone. 


*Yes I know that doesn’t add up. Please don’t write in. 

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